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MNST: general BS

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Our own forum section for all you MN whores :D
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I dont know how Jake would qualify... but he did laugh when you asked for him to be in the club.
yeah its something... but fun to kick the shit out of...
pull the motor and trans out and toss in a V8
Shutup Kass, Wasn't it you that tried to drill out a bolt with the drill spinning in reverse?
:haha: yeah I did that at work using someone elses air drill.
Yep I got a job at QA1! I'll be starting in a couple weeks probably. Should be sweet! My position is Tech support and sales. They will be sending me out to get my CDL (commercial drivers license) also probably and I'll be pulling their huge ass tripple axle trailer to shows too. So there will be a lot of travel during the summer but its all good because it's car shows including SEMA! I don't know what I can do about discounts yet...
Thanks guys. Yeah we will have to talk once SEMA gets closer. They said I'll be there all week.
I honestly have no idea until closer to that weekend.
I start Monday. I am sitting in my first night of classes right now. My work load is going to be crazy until spring when I graduate.
That is bullshit. I just read the classified... Many times if you purchase from the actual manufacturer you will end up paying full retail. That is because if the manufacturer lowers their price it cuts into their dealers profit margin.
I always drive my pile of crap...
Dylan, if your dad has a leaky shock shoot me a email tomorrow. My emai is [email protected]. We have a rebuilder here in MN that can replace the necessary seals. Typically its not all that expensive. Plus he can dyno the shocks to make sure it falls within specs.

In response to that one angry customer. We saw that post a while back. It was determined from the rebuilder he contacted that he bottomed the strut out drag racing. The compression tube inside the strut was damaged. Bottoming out a shock can lead to damage no matter what manufacturer it is.
At least I never had a sticker to peal off.
1 - 17 of 460 Posts
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