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MNST: general BS

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Our own forum section for all you MN whores :D
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So when's the next meet? Since i was unable to make the first one, I'll make the next one.
Ok, so it may be a stupid question, but who are the current members?
gotcha. well, I am also interested in joining back up. the main reason I left S-Clusive was for the same reasons you all did. But I sugar coated it :p. Hope that doesn't weigh on any of your opinions of me...
What time are all you guys heading to the fairgrounds on Sat? I'll be going pretty early to get a decent spot on main drag. If you see my truck fri/saturday & you're hungry, stop by We're going to be grilling some burgers & dogs, and having some beers and what not.
He's now going to be in my neck of the woods. I think harrasment is in order. That or forum discount :p
Badass!! Congrats man! If you go to SEMA let me know. I'll try & take some of you guys out to dinner or bring you to one of the Tire vendor's hospitality suites!!
Hey guys, are you all getting together next weekend? I've got some parts for several members, and I figure I could save some guys some trips towards the metro!
I'll come and then make sure to skip on the tab....

Sounds like Dave is finally taking phone calls down at Qa1

1 - 11 of 460 Posts
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