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MNST: general BS

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Our own forum section for all you MN whores :D
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I watch alot of porn. I know my fair share :haha:

so +0
i also took the liberty to move your whore thread here too..

you are welcome
That was for everyone in MN, not for the club.
No, this is just the MN street club section. The MN guys thread is for everyone else. That thread has nothing to do with this.
Ok, so it may be a stupid question, but who are the current members?
Me, Jim, Vanessa, Mike, Dylan, Jeremy, Jason, Cory, Chris, and Dave

10 of use. With prospects already. So basically whoever was with S-Clusive before we left.
Yeah, Daves friend withteh bagged sierra. Then Jake, who went with Dave too indy.
I dont know how Jake would qualify... but he did laugh when you asked for him to be in the club.
Its about the Driver, hes cool enough lol

plus, I heard his tacoma is a pile. We need something to make our trucks look good. We can't keep using Dylan's truck for that. :D
I'm the one that says "woot" around here!
hey....hey.... **** YOU!
awww.... I hurt your feelings?

Hey Dylan, **** YOU! :finger:
I thought you died of old age :D
thread title changed. Figured this can be a nice thread for us to bull shit
Cory sucks more then a out of work porn star in a dick tree.
So whats everyone doing for the 4th? I have no plans. Probably hang out with my local friends, or I could work on the s10.... but I dunno about that :p
For carcraft I'd assume most would be there saturday or sunday.
mother fucker

The trans is the sonoma is making a nice grinding noise when I take off in 1st, then a little bit in 2nd. Then in 4th sometimes it likes to pop out. I think my servos are going :rant:
1 - 20 of 460 Posts
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