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MNST: general BS

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Our own forum section for all you MN whores :D
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So whens the next little g2g?
you 2 are cute together
har har har.... ok I messed up on my terms :dunce:
Just like when you burnt up your CAM shaft in your truck right?
I swear, I hate my s10. I almost want to part it out :haha:
Dude you are just barely breaking the ice of dealing with crap. My Xtreme is dead yet again. Once you have as many b.s. issues as I have had, you can part the bastard out.
That hood you have in the back of your 2nd gen actually makes your truck look good now!!:rotf:
Agreed, and thanks again dylan.
not i
Maybe i will drive my new shitty project to it. :p
Pfft our meet is not till next year right? hers will be done by then.
Fucking David Kass, got a kick ass job. What an asshole
Yup that punk apperently suckered some poor company into it.
That or forum discount :p
Agreed, and if this is not gotten harassment ensues.
Dave got a job at QA1 in lakeville. I am kinda curious how long it will take him to see this:haha:
Of what you are Dustin after all.
This post is here to reflect my own self glory.

Let me bask in it!

*basking in own self glory*
Oh shit something is growing and it isn't in Dustin's pants.
Ok I know this summer we have all been running different directions, but we have all kinda ran into or kept in kinda contact through out it.

We need a meet because I miss you guys so much.lol hows 24th -26th? Probably do something that saturday? Maybe go to someones house bbq and then cruise somewhere?

Lets do it and then again in another month or so. Since winter is boring and thats when its fun to get everyone together.
Just been almost a month, seeing what is happening with everyone.
1 - 20 of 460 Posts
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