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MNST: general BS

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Our own forum section for all you MN whores :D
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"thank god you're pretty"
dustin are you still flying down here so we can crash @ the beach house or what?
:word: up
haha, one of you guys drive down to St. Louis and find my mom :haha:
dude :leave:

wait st.louis is in missouri. dammit.

on an unrelated note, cory you like Polaris right? what do you think of the scramblers? my buddy has 2 and I am seriously considering one very soon
dude, the more the merrier...come on down

hey I recognize that ty
wish i was closer. MNST seams to be a bunch of good peoples. ive talked to a lot of you guys wish there were ppl near me like you guys. everyone here is a dipshit n retarded.
well I know 2 of em who are still dipshited and retarded :)
shame :(

soon as I'm married I'm finding another s10, mark my words f*ckers
1 - 9 of 460 Posts
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