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MN Street Trucks: Rules and Info.

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This is where I will go over any rules and qualifications is takes to join and be a member!

-Membership is free to join!

- We accept ALL makes and truck models. We want to get big

-Must have a modded truck in order to join (What needs to be done will be discussed later)

- Trucks suspension must be modded up or down 3". There are exceptions to this rule. But other heavy mods are needed

How To Join MN street trucks!

- Show an interest, get ahold of a member, then attend a few meets.

- After the meets we will vote you in or out depending how we view you as a person.

Other jazz

-Decals: Yes you gotta run one. Its not a big requirement.

-Meets: We will try to have one once a month or at least every other month. Attend them. They aren't too often. Don't go, you're not gonna be in the club. We are gonna take this seriously, otherwise we won't have a club left over.

- Lasty, we're a pretty tight group. We give haze each constantly. If we give you hell right off the bat then it shows we like you. Remember, sure its a truck club, but the driver of the truck is what matters most.
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1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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