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Missouri US 36 KC2K13 Grudge Race 9-21-13

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Hey all,

This coming Saturday 9-21-13 there is going to be a car show, cruise, and drag race at US 36's 1/8 track. The car show starts at Chux Trux

Noon-4:00 Car Show at Chux Trux (5005 NE Antioch, Kansas City, MO 64119)
4:00-? Cruise from Chux to US 36 Raceway (9850 Missouri 33, Osborn, MO 64474. 54 Miles. Gates Open at 4.)
6:00-Midnight Burnout contest followed by Heads-Up Drag Race

I'm pulling information in from many different sources.

US36 Drag Schedule

US 36 Facebook Group

Annual Mustang/F-Body Meet Facebook Group

Annual Mustang/F-Body Meet Official Facebook Event


Google Maps

The prizes for this race are awesome. $100 goes to the pickup with the best et. Another $100 goes to the pickup with the best mph. Also, 1320 is supposed to make an appearance for a full video.

I know there are a ton of you in the Kansas City area, especially in the LSx crowd. I won't get my project done before then, but I'd love to see you guys there to check out your handiwork.
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