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missouri members

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just wonderin who all was from missouri in here, im from sw mo, joplin, thinkin we should start a missouri s-series chapter.
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The name of this thread should be changed to South East Missouri or SouthWest Missouri vs just Missouri....

Everytime I see and update on this, I think its someone from St. Louis...
importmaster1300 said:
I just got back to Springfield! I used to live in Lakewood,WA.
We have to get some people together! Anytime anyone wants to meet up let me know!
I'm in Springfield. Do you have AIM?
Anyone els from around the joplin carthage area?
Hey s10mike, I tried to P.M. you back but you have too many stored messages. I live by Division and West bypass. ZchaRlie20 is wantin to get some people together too. My cousin has a 97, he's in too.
Be sure and let me know if you guys decide on a date and time, I'd like to be there. And clean your PM box s10mike.
sweet well were not too far away then. Yeah. i really need to delete thoose lol. right, well how bout lets get together at like 7 or 8 on thursday..... if theres not too much frikin snow....yeah.. you and your friends in spfd send me pics so i can keep a look out for u guys :eek: .

[email protected]
Sounds good to me.
I have to check w/ my cousin but he drives a white 97 3/3 drop w/ an airdam.
Charlie drives a lifted s-10.
Here is mine:
Cool tommorrow, at the McDonalds by the Battlefield mall @ 6:30
Hey i was woundering about this club thing around joplin and carthage area is it gonna go thru or what?
importmaster1300 said:
Cool tommorrow, at the McDonalds by the Battlefield mall @ 6:30
Thats fine with me, but my truck will be dirty as hell. It hasn't been out of the garage in weeks.
I am not sure if I will get around to cleaning my truck either LMAO.
HA HA HA HA... Ya... i'll be there at mcy d's!!!!!! 6:30... right on.

Finnally. thats all i got to say.
Damn, I had to work til 7, and showed up 10 minutes after. Jon said all you guys got booted from Mc'Ds by security... Gimme time, I'll figure something out.
Does anyone know how wide the S10s are and what bumpers would fit... Doesnt have to be chevy just a bumper that would fit with little to no cutting...... Or happen to know where any hombre, bravada or xtreme air dams are and how much they would be... let me know please....
Whats goin on? No one comes on here anymore everyone give up or somethin??
i still check here every once in a while...... doesn't help my engine is about to throw a rod, so im not driving it at the moment...
Oh well everyone els that talked here hasnt been in for like the longest time so i thought everyone stopped comin... Finaly got my factory roll pan.. :)
ya ... i just got a rollpan too... how much did it cost for u to get it painted and where.....
41 - 60 of 2601 Posts
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