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just wonderin who all was from missouri in here, im from sw mo, joplin, thinkin we should start a missouri s-series chapter.
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hey, im up for the club in joplin, i know of another bagged s10 in joplin, and a s10 blazer in the process of being bagged, and maybe a sonoma, bet we could get a few more, im up for it if anyone else is.
im all for it just tell me when its gonna happen....
Hmm, need to gather up the Springfield dime's also. :)
hey guys just let me know i am in Pittsburg and i will try and make it out if i can
whats the latest on this? ive been workin on gettin an 'auto group' goin here in springfield, not specifically dimes, but anything...
Im here, but for sale. You guys need it to represent the MO clubs!
Ok, lets get some date finalized where we can all get together, who would be avaible either 2night The 20th or next fri or sat the 27th 28th
I hadnt been gettin messages sent to my e-mail tellin me people have posted on here and have missed a weeks worth of messages. If u guys wanna meet up next friday or saturday the 26th or 27th tell me....
i live in springfield mo. can someone plz tell me where everyone is at. there has to be some kind of club here for s dimes...
Im from carthage and hercamer is from here too...Well we are tryin to get a club thing for S10s goin over on this part of missouri...
Let me know when you guy's get a date set. I will try and make it.
Im game for next friday or saturday night just gotta know which night...
votes for saturday, i work friday and saturday night, but get off at 8, so im game for anytime after that. could all meet up at my work, oreillys on west 7th, then roll out of there to find somewhere else to park.
hmm.... i vote for saturday. At 8 or right when you get off work...
lets meet somewhere in springfield, like a parking lot... you guys say where and we'll see what everyone has to say
Hey whats goin on, havent heard anything more about this club for a while now wounderin what happend...
Hey guys in missouri if anybody is in the St. Peters/St. Charles area and wants to meet up anytime at all email me @ dymetyme95@aol.com Usually me and a buddy just cruise around lookin for other minitruckers to talk to. If you see us stop us I got a teal green 95 S10 thats bagged and a primered backend thats been shaved and my friend got a black 93 sonoma thats lowered (bagged very soon) with ralleys. alright later. O and you dont just have to live near us this is open to any trucks anywhere.
I just got back to Springfield! I used to live in Lakewood,WA.
We have to get some people together! Anytime anyone wants to meet up let me know!
21 - 40 of 2601 Posts
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