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just wonderin who all was from missouri in here, im from sw mo, joplin, thinkin we should start a missouri s-series chapter.
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Yea I am from St. Peters mo. Low Class Concepts. Its a low key club but we get along and have a good time. We havent got all our shit together but we just started it up. I know me and my boys are willin to drive to meet up with fellow minitruckers. email me @ [email protected] if anyone wants to meet up
VictoryS10 said:
Well i didnt get to clean my engine bay and i ended up with 3rd place with my truck :) and my car got me 4th place wasnt really tryin to win anything with the car but i did and happy :) ..

yea if you wanna take home more trophies then definately clean up the engine bay. I detailed cars professionaly for 2 years for blues hockey players, Larry Hughes (SLU grad wash. wizzards), and alot of other clients including show cars. Spray degreaser,let it sit, power wash the engine after but make sure its running. If fuel injected stay away from computter, if carb keep away from distributor. use common sense and dont use too much pressure though. then use some sort of a plastic cleaner to make it shine then wipe off so it dont look greasy. I usually spend like a few hours doin my engine before a show
Hey guys in missouri if anybody is in the St. Peters/St. Charles area and wants to meet up anytime at all email me @ dymetyme95@aol.com Usually me and a buddy just cruise around lookin for other minitruckers to talk to. If you see us stop us I got a teal green 95 S10 thats bagged and a primered backend thats been shaved and my friend got a black 93 sonoma thats lowered (bagged very soon) with ralleys. alright later. O and you dont just have to live near us this is open to any trucks anywhere.
I would.....but I dont gotta race truck.
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