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missouri members

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just wonderin who all was from missouri in here, im from sw mo, joplin, thinkin we should start a missouri s-series chapter.
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I'd be down for a club, there is not one around here.
Let me know when you guy's get a date set. I will try and make it.
importmaster1300 said:
I just got back to Springfield! I used to live in Lakewood,WA.
We have to get some people together! Anytime anyone wants to meet up let me know!
I'm in Springfield. Do you have AIM?
Be sure and let me know if you guys decide on a date and time, I'd like to be there. And clean your PM box s10mike.
importmaster1300 said:
Cool tommorrow, at the McDonalds by the Battlefield mall @ 6:30
Thats fine with me, but my truck will be dirty as hell. It hasn't been out of the garage in weeks.
I'd be down for meeting again.
I'm gonna go, I doubt I will enter the truck though. We should all meet up before or after.
mine rides pretty good on the 3/4 drop, the shocks will make the difference though.
what are you lowering it with? spindles or springs
I can probably make it. I didn't get my new tailgate on but thats no big deal.
I am pretty sure that I am going, and gonna take the truck. Mike we should slap my zq8's on your truck and you should drive it.
I am going to the midnight cruise too. We should meet up down there, or something.
I will be down there too. We should meet up or something down there.
1 - 20 of 2601 Posts
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