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just wonderin who all was from missouri in here, im from sw mo, joplin, thinkin we should start a missouri s-series chapter.
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any of you guys gonna go to the carshow in carthage this weekend(oct 16), ill probably runnin around there with my truck, if not ill be in my cousins car, hard to miss, blue 67 camaro, on rodlites
hey, im up for the club in joplin, i know of another bagged s10 in joplin, and a s10 blazer in the process of being bagged, and maybe a sonoma, bet we could get a few more, im up for it if anyone else is.
votes for saturday, i work friday and saturday night, but get off at 8, so im game for anytime after that. could all meet up at my work, oreillys on west 7th, then roll out of there to find somewhere else to park.
dependin on weather this weekend, there are usually a few of us cruisin around joplin on friday and saturday nights, i think a joplin meet would be good, not as big as spfld and easier to get around, meet at the mall at like 7:30-8:00 or so, and go cruisin from there, i started this thread, didnt think it would end up this long geez 100+ posts heres a site to a little club im in down here in joplin GUILTY BY DESIGN
so who is all goin to midwest drag fest?......i will be there for sure
second saturday of the month should be Ryans Steakhouse cruise on 7th and Rangeline
i have to stay late at work and do system back up, im pretty pissed off, but oh well, stick around and we will all cruise around
you the guys that came down and talked to us the night before the show, when we were makin some fajitas on the grill?......im the guy that drives the bagged blue s10 on xtremes?...well were xtremes, now they are Hopsters.....and im pretty sure i saw IMPORTMASTER this weekend in springfield, and another white lowered s10 that has been to joplin before, i saw them down at Codys when we were at the street races, im sure everyone that was on glenstone saw me drag a few times, i drug a hole in my gas tank :D
nope, i cant fit chit back there, my air tank and stuff is back there, its a blue std cab, short bed on 17s, i dont remember seeing your truck on glenstone, but i saw you guys parked over against the road by Codys, i wasnt driving my truck then, i had patched the hole in the tank and was letting it dry in the Springfield Inn parking lot:D im up for a s10 meet, hell im up for goin up to springfield just for hooters:D hell maybe we should meet at hooters. i saw that white truck up on glenstone alot, im sure he saw me.
kyles a queer
whos driving their bagged vehicle???.....ah yea thats right the 2.crap blew up, and my bagged 2.slo is still goin:D i went to a strip club:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
hey man, i drug through my gas tank in springfield at street machine nats, but i dont really remember talkin to anyone about it?.....where u in springfield?...where did i talk to ya at if i did? i was talkin to some women when i figured out the gas tank was leakin :rant: kinda made me mad.
they want me to leave GBD and come to their club
who is all goin to maple leaf in carthage on the 15th?.....if so, we should all meet up afterwards and go cruisin joplin.
yep gotta work saturday till 8, dunno about sunday though, probably though, we better go cruisin on saturday night, it will be fun :D , my gas tank still leaks :D :D :D i will be at ryans after work though, werde yo
tell shawn i said he was a dousche for not coming to joplin this weekend. plane jane is a bad ass truck, a mini truck needs to win a big trophy at maple leaf this year yo.
id probably count on the xtreme obsessions guys being there to, so there will be a few minis and imports, but andrews truck looks badass, i saw it tonight, almost tuggin lug on a 20 in the front, werde. time for my "to the door" project. just gotta get something to drive so i can take the daily driver apart.
i have to work, i am so ****ing pissed off, i asked for that day off like 3 weeks ago and some ****ing new guy got it off, im gonna punch jeff in the sac.
im down for some draggin on saturday, :D lets do it, lets just hope cody doesnt get pulled over again if he goes.
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