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hey what's up all. was a s-series forum member for a while, but that place seems to be absolutely dead nowadays. anyone that remembers me, i haven't done anything to the truck in a few years. i was in the process of purchasing a 350 when i was laid off from work. decided to put it all back together and drive it this summer.

a few recent pics

my baby cousin loves it :rotf:

old pics here
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nice truck man and welcome to the site. you going to draggin detroit?
i seen you at 11 and shoennerr the other week....nice looking truck
@mostizzle - If that's this weekend, probably not. big family bday party on saturday.

@littledevil - thnx, i was probably going to or coming from MCC
right on. well motorcity slam jam is the 24th at the mt.clemens gibraltar too FYI.
Schoenherr* :D

smartass..haha jk
i can't help it man lol i grew up on that street. lovely 7 mile and Schoenherr.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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