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hey, i just bought an O2 dummy sensor from this place for $32.50. i have been looking all over for these and havent been able to find them. if you want one just e-mail him here and tell him that you want an O2 dummy sensor and let him know what year/engine/vehicle you have and also let him know that jason told you about it.
the dummy sensor is used if you have or want to cut the cat out of your exhaust and not trip an engine code and have the SES light stay off. but remember that you will need the cat back in there to pass a smog test. here is a pic of the unit. the one for my truck is the flat style plug. as you can see it is a high quality part.


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why run sims. i know removing your cat you need to replace the rear o2's but would it not be easier to reprogram the pcm itself. just look at it this way. yo uhave now spent 65 -66 bucks on o2 sims. have you done any other mods to your engine or tranny or gears?

if so then you are gonna have to reprogram the pcm any how to correct the issues that will occur when the mods are done.

so you say buy a hypertech....but you can not program to your needs. it is just a temp fix that you just paid 250 - 350 bucks for. why not buy obdii software for the same price.

put some caps in the holes from the o2 sensors and then program them to read the constant reading. ohh while you are at it you can remove that egr valve and cap that off. remove most emmisions junk on your engine and then program it out as well. increase the performance change shift points etc....

all costing you less than getting someone to do it for you and spending bucks on parts you dont need.
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sorry, had to use the new smiliey. anywho, who do i get ahold of the reprograming software you speak of, and how hard is it to do all of that? where is my EGR valve located and what do i look for in "programing stuff out"? and BTW, i only paid $35 for it. you only need one for after the cat.:thumbup:
yea. where do you get this software from. My O2 sensors bad, and my lights been on for a while. I have som other mods too which mught be affecting it. Tell me more, direct me to this software stuff. Sounds like it would be worth checking out. Save some mula in the end.
oh yea, and mightymouse does that o2 simmy work. Have you put it on. Hell a new sensors like 50-100 bucks, if this things only like 30.00 it will be mine....hahahaha
Here is one that i use: LT1_edits OBD-II version. IT is an editor, but you can get the scanner for free off of there site as well.
http://www.lt1.net/editor/ :D now you ar egonna say this is for LT1' and i dont have a LT1. well duhh. This software allows you to edit the OBDII be it honda or GM. you are editing parameters set in the engine. i have seen this link on the Honda sites as well where you can get this software. I am not a reseller nor do i get anything from this. as you can see by the url there is not affiliate codes in it. there will be from other sites and people.

If you want to have a scan tool on your palm pilot? check this out. if you can get the cable i have the software:


cables: OBD-II cable schematics are not available anywhere on the 'net. I've heard of two approaches. The first is to use a microcontroller to create the J1850 PWM (pulse-width modulation) signal. This is what Hypertech does (they use the same micro as the OBD-II PCM - it's a Motorola part, but I can't remember the part number off the top of my head).

The cable for LT1_edit's OBD-II version also uses a micro, but I can't comment any further on it. :uhoh:

The other approach being discussed on the DIY_EFI list is to use one of the RS232 lines and switch it to, in effect, create the proper signal. Now, I don't know if this will work with GM's J1850 system or not.
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i have he HPP III and i was going to change somethings and now when i plug it into the OBDII port it doesnt turn on. i tried it on my moms suburban and it turned on saying to deprogram the original vehicle. any idea what it could be?

Phiber-Optic - have you actually used this on a late model 2nd gen? If so what kind of results did you see? I'm interested in buying this but it doesn't appear that they support using it on anything but LT1s/LT4s.

sorry did not see the reply in here with the question.

I have used this on a Honda Prelude, civic , Camaro and Vette/ not on a 2nd gen yet. i have not had the chance to do that. it is geared towards the lt1, lt4 but it works with the OBDii in the honda's with out a problem.
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