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Members rides!

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If you're a member, post your ride and mods!

Heres mine:

Trickity Tree twenty Sven:
-5/6 drop
-327 v8 swap
-Brazil tails
-Custom interior (still in progress)
-Bunch of other stuff lol

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Well here is the daily...

-2/3 drop on top of ZQ8 suspension. (spindles, JTR blocks, Doetsch Shocks )
-18'' Iroc wheels
-20% Tint
-Clear corners
-Color matched Grill and bowtie
-Low-profile tonneau cover
-A silly stereo :haha:
-Painted SS mirrors
-Suicide Doors carrier bearing crossmember
-High output alternator
-"Big-Three" charging system upgrade

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i'm in minnesota and i'm trying to become a club member... at least i think i'm trying
It's cool that you would like to join however this section is for current club members and not for prospects.

If you would like to be a prospect PM Dustin (TubbD)
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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