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Members rides!

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If you're a member, post your ride and mods!

Heres mine:

Trickity Tree twenty Sven:
-5/6 drop
-327 v8 swap
-Brazil tails
-Custom interior (still in progress)
-Bunch of other stuff lol

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80 Blazer 4in lift 35" baja claws

01 S10 crashed waiting for rebuild

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I think the getting in process is stupid myself. I think if you can find time to meet at least one member and they nominate you then get 2 more members to second and third the nomination should be good enough. If we can't trust the judgement of the fellow members then what the point of being in a club.
the problem is we have a meet once every two months and if you have to show up to two meets then get voted it takes almost half the year to get in. If we met every other week i could see it working the way it is.
1 - 3 of 39 Posts
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