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Members rides!

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If you're a member, post your ride and mods!

Heres mine:

Trickity Tree twenty Sven:
-5/6 drop
-327 v8 swap
-Brazil tails
-Custom interior (still in progress)
-Bunch of other stuff lol

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4/3 drop
4th gen camaro buckets
97 blazer floor shift
tbi 350

5.3 swap
bravada wood grain
bravada floor shift
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mines lower then yours, wheres patty? oh and the height pisses me off too, rolls so bad
i thought this was a truck club, why is there an elcamino? last i looked they were car based.
looks like a decent start, but as stated before this is a Minnesota street trucks club member truck section. there is a mn thread for all non club related items. http://www.s10forum.com/forum/f94/minnesota-guys-thread-272861/
Personally I dont think it is too hard to get in. I mean you show up to a couple meets and we vote. I thought the goal this time was to have more members that actively participate in the goings on of the club.
you can get cheap ones off ebay, otherwise just look up "street scene mirrors" and see who has the best price.
1 - 6 of 39 Posts
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