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If you're a member, post your ride and mods!

Heres mine:

Trickity Tree twenty Sven:
-5/6 drop
-327 v8 swap
-Brazil tails
-Custom interior (still in progress)
-Bunch of other stuff lol


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The Ram:
5.9 Turbo Cummins Diesel
XZT Chip
Isspro Gauges
Modded Air Intake
33" BFG AT's
Tunes....Not to be mentioned for certain reasons

The Lemon:
Eh......Thers a V8 in it
It Smokes
It leaks
Its Ugly
Its slow
It needs Help
Its also unavailable for pictures.....Dont worry, you're not missing anything

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4/3 drop
4th gen camaro buckets
97 blazer floor shift
tbi 350

5.3 swap
bravada wood grain
bravada floor shift

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Well here is the daily...

-2/3 drop on top of ZQ8 suspension. (spindles, JTR blocks, Doetsch Shocks )
-18'' Iroc wheels
-20% Tint
-Clear corners
-Color matched Grill and bowtie
-Low-profile tonneau cover
-A silly stereo :haha:
-Painted SS mirrors
-Suicide Doors carrier bearing crossmember
-High output alternator
-"Big-Three" charging system upgrade


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mines lower then yours, wheres patty? oh and the height pisses me off too, rolls so bad
Patty is nothing special right now. Just a daily. The drop should come sooner then later I hope.

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If any of you have 56k turn back now.
First is my 95 s10
It started as a 2wd 4 cyl 5 speed.
Now it is an AWD LT1 Auto.:haha:
Has a 98 up front end xtreme kit, typhoon seats, bravada center council and is dropped zq8 plus 3 inch block out back a and coil overs up front. Also ls brake conversion up front.Has ss mirrors, clear headlights and corners now aswell.

Second is my 92 typhoon, aka the tttyphoon or the pooon.
Full frame build 4 link rear with built 12 bolt posi, coil overs up front, rack and pinion steering, one off custom hood and grill. Full out custom interior and paint aswell. It will be powered by a twin turboed 434 stroker ls motor 4l80e awd.

Third is 93 typhoon, aka rusty
Stage 3 MN weight reduction, custom tuning, new peice of broken cladding and soon to be frame off resto.

1966 el camino (yes its a truck so shut it)
bagged front and rear, 350 3 speed manual. Frenched tail lights and antenna. Bucket seats, custom door panels and kickass sound system.:haha:

My 92 blazer
First truck, replaced all the sheetmetal and will be going in for paint soon. Also be lifted as well.

There are more but I shall spare you :haha:

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Well I only have a couple pics from photobucket since my comp. took a crap on me.

My 97 S-10

- Bagged front and rear, 2600,2500 bags, 3/8'' valves, 2 viar 480 compressors, 10 switches.

-Shaved : Handles, Taillights, Antenna, 3rd Brake Light, Rear Steps, Tailgate handle

- Phantom Grille
- front Bumper Cover
- Cowl Hood
- 20'' rear 18'' front wheels (soon to be changed)
- Stock interior (for now)
- Leagally Tinted Windows
- LED tail lights

And some pics....


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Taken care of. Sorry Chief this is a members rides only thread. But check out the MN guys thread in the midwest regional forum
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