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Melted wiring on the multifunction switch, Green-black, red, grey

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1997 Sonoma 2wd 4.3I w.code. I replaced the multifunction switch about a year ago.
Yesterday I moved the tilt wheel 'way up, 'way down, and back to center.
Today it wouldn't shift out of park. I suspected the brake switch. Reached under and undid the clip and it fell in parts in my hand. Replaced the brake switch. Still not able to shift from park. Used the button under the cover and got home.
Suspected the battery for some reason. Very dim hazard light flashing. Put in a strong battery and smoke came out of the steering column. Found at least 2 melted wires in the multi-switch bundle. Green-black and red. Maybe grey too.
Is there a problem with the aftermarket switches? Did the tilt damage it?
What am I chasing here/
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Followup. I found that the trailer lighting was pinched under the tailgate, probably causing a ground and melting the wiring, at least when I stepped on the brakes.
If I stayed on the brakes too long, combined with the tiltwheel moving, it may have been too much for the wiring.
Now the ABS light is on too.
OK it's pretty much fixed. I redid the front frame mount ground and the rear frame ground drivers side.
I think I need a new switch because I tried to resolder it with new wires and got one of the turn/hazard signals crossed.
And I'm usually so meticulous about working on my 250 year old Michigan rusty truck.
....Is there a problem with the aftermarket switches?...
1997 takes a different switch than my daily driver 2002 S10. Before ordering mine a couple months ago, my research indicated higher failure rate with aftermarket. However, GM replacement is ridiculously priced. I purchased the GM replacement from Rock Auto, but Rock no longer lists it for either your truck or mine. If the difference in cost between GM and aftermarket is still huge, I will likely go aftermarket next time. Replacement is not a daunting task, especially with the experience of having done it already.
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