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drgnranger said:
hey chris the monday night anarchy video doenst work and i have both of those programs on my laptop, everytime i click the link it goes to the homepage where you have to click the picture to enter the site....i dont know whats up with that but thats whats up

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i am gonna lean right on the front of my truck like i did b4. untill someone goes after my lil cousin again . but im not gonna fight no one bc iam more mature than that i am jsut gonna act like a body guard thats if he event comes around glen burnie ne more who knows havent talked to him since last wensday

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Hey hey hey, im back bitches. I swear i leave for a lil bit and dis is what happens. Its ****in stupid, i guess my cute like innocent face is what kept everyone at ease... haha jk ****ers.

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lets hope to have a good meeting tomorrow cause we havent had a good one in a month. no drama no bs, mebers and prospects only. we do a vote on jeff shifflet as a member or not.

for those of you that wanna bring drama dont even bother to show up!!!!!! just stay away from the meeting and club. you know who you are!!!


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March 1 2006 Meeting Notes

Still Need To Pick Up Logos Are As Folllows:
1. Lil Dustin: 10.00
2. Kasey: 10.00
3. Tommy: 20.00
4. Shawn: 20.00
I Have A Few Website Logos For Sale 2.00 Each

We Loss Two Members Of Slam, We Are Sorry To See Them Go

Meeting Was A Good Meeting That We Had In Awhile, Lets Keep This Going
I Still Apologize To All Slam Members For The Drama That Took Place The Last Meet Time. I Hope What I Said Following That Got To Sink In For The Last Two Weeks With No Meeting. So Lets Welcome Spring And Car Show Season, Lets Get The Rides Ready For Show Season.

I Like To Take This Time To Welcome The Newest Member Of Slam Jeff Shifflet, He Owns A Red Chevy S10 As His Beater And A Bad Azz Astro Van. Some Of You Might Remember Jeff As One Of The Originaters Of Slam, So We Welcome Him Back.

Website Info:
We Need To Update Pics For The Following People:
Shawn, Kasey, Chad , And Steve O
We Need To Get Shaggy A Profile On The Website
And New Member Jeff

If Anyone Needs To Take Pics Or Anything For The Website Please Contact Me So We Can Set Something Up

Check Out The Dues Thread To See How Much You Owe Or How Paid As Of This Meeting.

Bj Sold Some Slam T Shirts We Will Get More To Sell For People That Want Them- Let Me Or Bj Know If Want One Or A Quantity So We Can Order Enough.

Till Next Meeting Cya!!!!


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Meeting Notes From March 15 Meeting: As Follows

  • dues Were Read To All That Owed
  • collected 25.00 For Dues( Check Due Thread To See How Much You Owe)
  • 1 New Application Turned In For A Prospect Member: Michele ( Charlies Girlfreind)
  • logos That Need To Be Picked Up And Paid For: Kasey 10.oo, Lil Dustin 10.oo
  • voted On New Member Mike Owings: Congrads On Being One Of The Newest Members Of Slam. Mike Has Ordered His Logo From Bj. He Will Not Have To Run A Tag Logo Due To He Meets All The Requirements To Be A Member Of This Club.
  • a New Member Added To The Board: Jeff Shifflett
  • jeff Spoke On The Club Rules And New Regulations Of Being A Member And Also A New Member
  • as Of This Meeting All Prosects That Fill Out An Application Will Be Issued A Club Tag Sticker Showing That They Are Working On Becoming A Member Of Our Club.
  • when New Prospects Meet The Mods To Become A Member They Will Be Asked To Pay For Their Logo And Take Off The Tag Logo. This Depends On How Bad You Wanna Become A Member That You Will Do Get What It Takes To Meet The Mods List For The Club Logo.
  • wes Spoke About Not Just Going To Local Shows But The Bigger Outta State Shows.
any Questions On Anything Contact Myself Or Any Board Member!!

- Joey -

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* meeting for march 22nd is a get together meeting to hang out , but if you need to pay dues or even have a question do not hesitate to ask.

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