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May Meet

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May meeting will be on the 1st, in Mattoon, at the Big Al's car show. Registration starts at 9 and show goes till 3.

This has been hyped by Josh for a long time. Make our presence felt.

Anyone interested in the club, this will be a great time to meet us.

If we can kinda plan ahead what time everyone wants to go, we can roll in together like Mt Zion. I will bring a canopy tent for shade.

See you all then.

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ya just shaken up. rolled it 3 times and took out a electric pole. lol. but walked away so its all good. owes the city for the electric pole and for taking out the power in the city of paris for an hour or two. lol. but deer wrecks are covered under act of god insurance, so he got a good chunk back for the car from insurance.
i jsut wanted to let you guys know it was nice seeing some of your trucks in person, i actually judged pewter_dime_99's truck, i especially like your window crank on the pass side haha, oh btw josh your blazer is nice too i jsut see it everyday lol
HAHA, it was dirty.............it was nasty out that morning so I left the "pretty" truck home in the garage. But for the next show/cruise, she will be wearing new wheels/tires!!
I am disappointed Jeff did not have his pink bezel on for the show!
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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