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May Meet

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May meeting will be on the 1st, in Mattoon, at the Big Al's car show. Registration starts at 9 and show goes till 3.

This has been hyped by Josh for a long time. Make our presence felt.

Anyone interested in the club, this will be a great time to meet us.

If we can kinda plan ahead what time everyone wants to go, we can roll in together like Mt Zion. I will bring a canopy tent for shade.

See you all then.

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Put that Cavi on air................
Cmon now Phil, I am working the show, a lot of the guys are kool this year............
Forgive me for not meeting up with you guys to roll in, I will be setting up at 7AM!
Ya Jeff, trophies are handed out at roughly 3 P.M.
Is Corey and Jared gonna make it up? I hit em both up on Facebook about the show.
That would be kool.........all rollin in together, sadly I will of already rolled in!
I only hope the weather holds out...........
DAMN! That is why you don't choose the ditch over the deer. I take it he is ok since he is car shopping?
HAHA, it was dirty.............it was nasty out that morning so I left the "pretty" truck home in the garage. But for the next show/cruise, she will be wearing new wheels/tires!!
I am disappointed Jeff did not have his pink bezel on for the show!
1 - 8 of 23 Posts
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