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May Meet

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May meeting will be on the 1st, in Mattoon, at the Big Al's car show. Registration starts at 9 and show goes till 3.

This has been hyped by Josh for a long time. Make our presence felt.

Anyone interested in the club, this will be a great time to meet us.

If we can kinda plan ahead what time everyone wants to go, we can roll in together like Mt Zion. I will bring a canopy tent for shade.

See you all then.

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i'm there! my buddy kurt will be commin with me too, the one i was tellin you about.

here is his car. exactly what i said, cavi with a body kit. hahaha. but hes a good guy (way too much energy, haha) but im positive he'll be a good addition.

and his daily driver

i know we've always been a little "anti import/rice" but what the heck, we need members. haha. and he eventually wants to sell the cavi for a mini anyway... :)
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got the airstruts and tank. hes just savin up for comps and valves and misc shit.
this ends at 3 right? couldn't get the day off but i don't work till 4, so all should be well.
wouldnt count on it. lol. they are pretty lamee
hey we meetin somewhere in mattoon before the show and rollin in together?
well dunno if its gonna happen now cause shawn doesn't know what time he's gonna get there cause of the marathon in front of his house. lol
ya i know... hopefully shawn brings that tent so we can use it for shelter. haha.

oh and my buddy won't be commin, he ran into a little incident with his spyder and is goin car shoppin tomorrow. lol

bambie ran him off the road.

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ya just shaken up. rolled it 3 times and took out a electric pole. lol. but walked away so its all good. owes the city for the electric pole and for taking out the power in the city of paris for an hour or two. lol. but deer wrecks are covered under act of god insurance, so he got a good chunk back for the car from insurance.
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