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March meeting

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March meeting will be on the 21st, at Noon, in Mt Zion at the Wal-Mart parking lot.

LMK who is coming for sure.

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if you need a ride over just let me know shawn.
josh do you have a scan tool at all? if so could you bring it with you to the meeting i just wanna make sure the port works before i go spend the 300 bucks on one lol.
lol the actron will be fine the trucks not showing any codes but i wanna make sure they didnt cut any wiring that makes the port unusable before i shell out 3-400 for a actron or innova scan tool.
the mt zion walmarts the first exit in decatur coming from champaign down by the burger king isnt it?
shawn you got room for anyone to ride over with you? was gonna drive my truck but its acting super stupid and dont trust it making it over there. i can meet you somewhere here in town if possible. give me a call 417-4888 i should be up until 2 am or so or up most of the day tomorrow and friday.
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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