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I dont know if this qualifies for a HOW TO, thats why is posted here, ADMIN, MODS, move it if necesary

I just did a conversion from manual windows to power windows, i didnt do the locks since I shaved the handles, so theres no need to have power locks. I did the conversion using the stock power regulators from another s-series truck, some people just buy an aftermarket kit like spal or autoloc , but I didnt want the manual crank piece sticking out of my door panel (aftermarket kits come with a cover), and I think that theres less things to go wrong with the the stock regulators than the aftermarket kits, I took some pictures, I hope they are usefull for you if you are going to do the same conversion.
You need:

1.- Driver and Passenger power windows regulators (not just the motor, you need the whole assembly) you can get them an your local junkyard, ebay, or the stealership

2.-Switch Kit ( I used this one)

3.- The conectors that goes to the window regulator motors, (see pics below) , you can get them for "free" at your local junk yard

4.- Rivets, and rivet gun, or 8 nuts, 8 bolts and 8 washers

5.- Butt conectors, or soldering gun (for wiring everything up)

6.- Micellaneous hand tools (screw drivers, drill, etc. a cut off wheel will save you a lot of time)

7.- Some beer...

Once you are ready, you can start by removing the door panels: http://www.s10forum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=207452

To take off the manual handle, you need push out a C clip behind the crank, I use this tool I got at the autoparts store

Without the door panels:

Then, remove the plastic thing, or just move it to the side(sorry for the blurriness of the pics):

Now, you need to remove the manual regulator which is hold by four rivets, this can be a PITA using only a drill, but you can use a cut off wheel like I did, and just grind them down

Once you removed the rivets, just slide the regulator out of the door, while pushing the window down, be careful, you dont want to break your window.

The regulator has three rollers, they just slide out of the guides too

Door without the regulator:

Before putting the power regulators in place is a good idea to test them first, check if the motor is working properly and it goes up and down without any trouble.

Put the power regulator in place, you can do this by yourself, but a set of extra hands are very usefull, lift the window high enough so you can see the guide on the window trough the opening in the door for the regulator

Grab the new regulator and slide the window rollers first in to the window guide

Rollers in the window guide:

Then, push the regulator so you can slide the roller of the longer regulator arm into the guide that is on the door.

Roller in the door guide, driver and passenger side

Once you have the three rollers in their respective guide, you will have to move the window up or down, depending of the last position of the new regulator, this, so you can line up the mounting holes of the door with the ones of the regulator assembly. Now you need some big rivets to set the regulator in place, I didnt find any rivets big enough to fit in the holes, so I got some 8 grade nuts and bolts from the hardware store, and some locktite, just in case
Divers door with new regulator held by 8 grade nuts and bolts

Passengers door

Note: you can see the conectors for the motors in both pics

the power regulator is now in place, test it again, ( I did it just by conecting them the a wire conected to the battery, and reversing the polarity), if everything is fine, is time you start doing the wiring for the switches. I didnt take pics or notes, of all the wiring process, because it can be done of several ways, or using diferent switches, so this would be up to you to decide. The switch kit i bought (link at the top of the page) came with all the instructions that you need, and prewired for three switches, very easy to install, only one wire for power, one for the ground and one for ilumination (optional), Ill try to get then instructions scanned so you have an idea. Some of you might want to use the stock switches, and i tough about that too, but If i wanted to do it like that, I would have to get new power door panels, switches and may be the whole wiring too, plus the stock swtches have the power lock button and the power mirror one, which I dont have and they would be just sitting there with no use for me, so the new switches are just what i needed, no wiring mess, no rewiring the stock relay block, ect, just plug and play :D

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here are more pics

You can see some of the wiring and both drivers panel switches

The non power panels have a nice space for aftermarket switches
Drivers side:

Passenger side:

what can be used to cover the crank hole in the panel? I know, a small tweeter:

I put some envoy handles, while i had the panels off:

Finallly, put the plastic cover and the door panels back on

The finished panel and switches:

At night

Thats how I did the conversion to power windows, and like I said above, you can get an aftermarket kit, that could be easier for you, you can do it they way you want, I want this to be used as a reference only, not like the way you are supossed to do it, feel free to make questions and/or observations. I hope this is useful for somebody.

PS attn mods, please review this, move it or edit it if needed, thanks

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