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Well it's been since December since I put in my long travel arms. I was told with this kit watch out for the upper control arm mounts to see if they have cracked, well that's not the only thing to look out for.

Today I decided to pressure wash my truck. I went underneith the truck and started from the back and worked my way to the front. Once I got to the lower control arms I noticed that the rear mount for the lower control arm was not in all the way so I turned off the water and went to look to see what was wrong. What I saw freaked me out, :jawdrop: the rear mount for the lower control arm was hanging by a few threads from the bolt that holds it in place.

What if I decided to hold off on the pressure wash and wait till another day? What if I was driving on the freeway? What if I was jumping my favorite railroad tracks? I would have never known about that.

So make sure you check you bolts that hold your suspension.
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