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ok, i am not trying to get flamed. i dont know very much about suspension, i just know how to change shocks and put blocks and spindles...... i have a several friends that have a variety of bagged trucks.... before i go up to them and ask them for an install i want to get a little info so i can actually know what im talking about.... i read alot of posts.. i am aware that 2 links can f* things up, im not planning on laying frame or anything just something to play around with. (i would like to get as much height as i could when inflated)
so what am i looking at as far as setup ??? 4 link ??? what do i look for in good/bad bags,
the winters here in cali arent bad, so i dont think i would have a problem with froze valves but what are the more accident prone companies out there? valve sizes?? tubing sizes??
compressors, whats in a good compressor? what kind are you guys running? i'll prob go with 6 gallon... i dont think that is much "play time" but should be sufficient?
my alternator is fine, i have an aftermarket the is rate 150 but i tested it and it runs almost 170.
gas tank relocation???

most of all what am i look at price wise??
i have several very skilled friends who installed their own bags
i am a moderately skill welder myself and can handle all the electrical that goes into it... so without the price of taking it in to get installed what am i looking at for a mostly basic setup that i could get some height with (is 8-10'' asking too much??)

sorry for the novel..... and yes i have looked up prices on the web, but im sure that doesnt include the overall amount of money you would spend for a 100% complete setup..... well any help is appreciated
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