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We at Mach Performance would like to thank and congratulate all the s-series owners that have purchased our 4.3L Intercooled Centrifugal Supercharging System. You have helped us show others that we have the safest and most horsepower producing supercharger kit on the market for the 4.3L. We have documented more 13 second timeslips than any other supercharging system on a stock engine when combined with external bolt-ons and NO INTERNAL ENGINE MODS.

Recent dyno testing have shown horsepower gains exceeding 100% on a stock internal engine, with 10 psi of boost. Also latest track results based on 1/4mile MPH on our 4 X 4 kit show approximately 306-310 RWHP based on our 4200 lbs. less driver.

This year I'm sure to see a 12 second timeslip or two.

Our F1 Race system has finally gotten some road testing with the new Forced Induction/NOS headers we now build and sell. Specs on these are in two forms.

1-5/8" primary tube mid length to 2-1/2" Y-Pipe to a merge collector for single 3" exhaust.

For the all out engines capable of producing 600 hp.

1-3/4" primary tube mid length to 3" Y-Pipe to a merge collector to single 4" exhaust. (THIS IS WHAT IS ON OUR TRUCK)

These header systems will be priced in the next week or two and are available for waiting list. All headers and Y-Pipes will be ceramic coated. Anyone running a power adder will notice good gains over the other brands as those are intended for non-power adder applications.

FYI to current P1-SC owners, the 8 psi pulley (4.00" diameter) makes 15 psi on the F1SC RACE 4.3L System.

sorry for the novel just wanted to extend a thank you to all our Procharged trucks exercising LS1 power and then some!

We are looking forward to meeting everyone at the Nationals...If you're not signed up, get off it and do so...your gonna miss it.

Bill Mach/Mach Performance, Inc. Racing Engines

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That's just a thing of beauty!

What is safe to run on a 4.3L for everyday driving?... I drive my truck very hard as it is...
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