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sorry, i dont know why it resized the pic. ok, go here for more crappy pics of my ride:


ok, you want a mods list? here goes:

2.2 SFI L4
Billet Specialties master cylinder cover
Sport Truck Specialties intake
K&N filter
Flexlite electric fan
Optima Yellow Top battery
4.3 in the shop - bored 30 over, cam, pistons, etc....

molded in Sir Michaels roll pan
shaved tailgate handle, stock 3rd brake light, and antena
Street Scene mirrors
'97 GMC Sonoma front end-it just looks better
PIAA Platinum bulbs
Wings West air dam
upper and lower billet grills
Checkmate hard flush tonneau cover
painted rear frame
Euro clear taillights
LED 3rd brake light
removed emblems

Trenz billet pedals, shifter handle, and window cranks
tweed accents are coming...

Belltech 2" drop spindles
4 corner air bag system from Air Ride Technologies
triangulated four link
Doetsch Tech shocks

15s for now, 18s lata

Pioneer head unit
6 1/2" pioneer 3 ways in the doors
12" subs are going in as soon as i get this damn box built...

thats about it for now, but im nowhere though with it. thanks for looking, lata :bah:

Afterhours Admin
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i dont get it. it is public. damn this sucks. where else can i host photos? or if someone know how to fix this, help me! the pics suck anyway, maybe i should give up...lata

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hey guys i saw this truck in person tonight and lemme say its a very nice truck even if it is "under construction" :thumbup:
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