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Lt1 into a 95 s10 2wd

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So I’m thinking of putting a lt1 into my s10. I got most of the parts I need. Just need oil pan, shorty headers and motor mounts to put in the truck. Any idea from what I can swap? Or buy lol any help is appreciated.
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If it's 2wd you don't need an oil pan. You gonna need an engine from a 95 Corvette, Camaro, or Cop Caprice or SS. Only 95's had the the not ODB and not OBDII electrical system. Personally I'd sell it and get a 94 or 96 S10. Be a lot easier swap.
What engine was in it and where is the computer located? Does it still have the ODB compliance label on the radiator support? Can you post a pic of it?
If you bought it w/o an engine, put a pound of C4 under it.
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