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Nice choice on the UMI control arms. Totally worth it in my opinion. Do you have the lowers as well?
Yes, Uppers & Lowers.... still figuring out the height adjustment.

I had some fun with wheel fitment.... Note, these are not the wheels I intend to run but I had them on hand for test fitting.

I was attempting to check a set of 18" wheels for fitment on the front to see how much backspace I could run with the new suspension. I had a 18" x 8.5" front wheel with a 5.75 B.S & 255/45-18 tire. It actually cleared the suspension & only touched the upper control arm at full suspension droop... I have a ton more space to come outward which I will verify soon.

While I was at it, I could not resist throwing on the massive rear tires to see if they actually fit. These are 315/60-15 on an 11.33" wide wheel with 4.5" B.S. Tires measure in at 30" x 13.5".

They actually clear with about 1" from the leafs & 1/2" from the front edge of the ground effects. This is with the stock factory rear spring.

It is about 1/2" from the top of wheel opening.


Here is one compared to the factory 235/55-16.

Anyway, back to checking clearances on the fronts.
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