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LS Current Performance Base Tune

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I have a 5.7 LS1 with a Current Performance ECU/harness. No big power adding mods have been made to the engine. I don't know a whole lot about tuning so I don't know how much of a difference a professional tune would make compared to the base tune the ECU came loaded with. Does anyone have any experience with this? Should I leave the base tune or would it be worth the $300+ to get it tuned?
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1000 million times worth it to have it fully dyno tuned. Don't use some cheap $300 mail in tune either. There is no way those are 100% correct for your vehicle. They'll get you close, but you could be missing 50hp for no reason. I do tuning. But I still have my tunes put on the dyno for the final runs so I can 'see' what's going on. Expect to pay at least $600 for a good reliable dyno tuner. My last tune, less then 45 days ago, was $750.
I have a guy that said just $350 for a Dyno tune... Interesting.
Thank you for your input though. I really didn't know, so I'll definitely be getting it tuned.
I'm only telling you what I found after doing a search on the internet of various stock V8 engines. Specifically a 5.7 Hemi and an LS1 by the people that owned them. Here's a link to typical articles I found How Much HP Can You Gain From a Dyno Tune? | Car Performance Boss
But consider that I have a lot of supporting mods to make the swap work, like a custom intake and catless exhaust. I think I have 20-30 horsepower hiding in there
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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