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LS Current Performance Base Tune

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I have a 5.7 LS1 with a Current Performance ECU/harness. No big power adding mods have been made to the engine. I don't know a whole lot about tuning so I don't know how much of a difference a professional tune would make compared to the base tune the ECU came loaded with. Does anyone have any experience with this? Should I leave the base tune or would it be worth the $300+ to get it tuned?
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I can't see you gaining that much from what you say is a basically stock engine. Think of it as hp per dollar spent, $350 ok, $ 750 hell no!
I picked up 75hp...I'm sure there is more waiting to be unleashed. It's running pretty rich right now so I'm goin g to take it back for a few adjustments.
It is hard to believe you pickup up a 75 hp gain on a stock L33. I did a search and most guys were saying 15 hp with a stock engine. Was you gain after adding LS6 intake, dual exhaust etc?
I'm only telling you what I found after doing a search on the internet of various stock V8 engines. Specifically a 5.7 Hemi and an LS1 by the people that owned them. Here's a link to typical articles I found How Much HP Can You Gain From a Dyno Tune? | Car Performance Boss
But consider that I have a lot of supporting mods to make the swap work, like a custom intake and catless exhaust. I think I have 20-30 horsepower hiding in there
I agree, and Rhotpursuit's L33 has free flow exhaust, LS6 intake...but I was referencing a stock 5.3. I find it hard to believe the factory would leave 75 hp un-tapped.
@jeremywilliams8, Sure the more mods you have the more you'll gain from the tune. This whole thread got off on the wrong foot because I was referring to a bone stock engine. Rhotpursuit has mods, like lS6 intake, free-flow exhaust. cold air intake etc. so he would see hp gains with a tune. Tune a stock 5.3 all day long and you're not going to gain 75 hp.
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