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LowObsessions :tup:

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Homes is Legit for sure. I was the one who waited out and bought the rear section of his SD 5 link. Well worth it too! We text for a while and agree'd on a price well before he even had it off the truck.
I knew I could trust him just the way he conducted himself and talked.
When it got here it was packed up tight, every single nut and bolt was in there too!
Im going to obviously replace them with new grade 8 hardware but the fact he took the time to keep it in order when coming off his truck and putting it back together before shipping should show you guys something.
This is the kind of guy you want to build friendships with cuz not only will he help you out once he will help you out time and time again.
Plus he's just and over all cool cat in my book
Thanks again homes
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I second that. I got an envoy bumper cover off of him. Great Guy!!
I haven't bought anything from him but I wouldn't hesitate to if he had something I wanted to buy. He's got a lot of good feedback on this forum......as long as he doesn't get in a head on collision :p
Just received a gauge cluster from him today, very pleased! Everything looks great and was a quick and easy tranfer. I cannot wait til I can get this thing installed! As was said before, this dude is legit, wont screw you over, awesome guy to do business with! Thanks Again!
Cluster works like a champ! Now I just have to calibrate them....then probably some LEDs!
I bought 8 valves off him a while back. Good guy to deal with!
I've dealt w/ him locally & have no complaints. Maybe soon we'll finish a deal on his replacement suspension....
wouldnt mind dealing with him again.. sure could use a blower motor with low mileage ;)
I wouldn't hesitate to buy anything from Travis I just purchased his leather seats very happy so far.
I am happy with my transaction with him as well.
wouldnt mind dealing with him again.. sure could use a blower motor with low mileage ;)
i got one if interested :) pm me
Lowobsessions is legit. I'd never hesitate to buy something else I needed off him. FEw months ago I bought speakers from him cheap as hell and they were here in like 3 days. Even included pigtails in the box.
I just bought a cd player from him. I have purchased things from him before. Extremely fast shipping and always communicating. Never a problem and like said before i'll never hesitate to purchase from him in the future. Thanks again bud!
Bought a dash bezel and he shipped it fast with excellent communication. Would not hesitate to do more business with him in the near future. Definately a solid person.
I haven't purchased anything from him, yet, but form the PM's I've received from seems to be on the up and up and really fair with asking prices too.
Dope dude. Third time I buy from him
1. Grill
2. Avs switch box
3. Air bags

No fuss no bs with this guy. Quick and smooth.
Bought a rear disk setup from him. Well packed and a great deal. Wouldn't hesitate to buy anything from him that I needed. Thanks Dood.
Travis for president!
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