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Low Rollers End Of Summer Bash 8/17/13

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Come out and enjoy the day at this years End of Summer Bash

All the information you need should be there if not I will be more than happy to answer your questions.
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how come it's only 1 day now? Can't wait to go tho.
I'll be there like always. I'm a little sad its only one day now but on the other hand I dont have to spend money on a hotel now. (Although the hotel parties were always one of my favorite things about this show/weekend)
The show is only one day now because most people weren't coming the second day due to lack of money for hotels and such.
Last I heard we will continue the nighttime activities at the show feild which seemed to be a big hit last year.
I am hoping I can make it. Going to be tough though. Ill be in Florida for a wedding that entire week, get back late Friday night. If I am not broke, Ill make the trip out early saturday morning
some more info that was posted up on the club facebook

Ok people seems to be some confusion on the End Of Summer Bash this year, it is a 1 day show August 17th, we are doing top 75 this year with a bunch of specialty awards!!!! Now the good stuff, details are still being worked out but awards for the show should be 3:30-4:00 after awards everyone is welcome to stay and hang out, or go to hotels and get cleaned up, grab grub or purchase food from one of our vendors. We will still be having night time events again including Minitruck Game Show plus have a ton of good ideas to keep you guys entertained! This way those that want to participate can and those who want to get on the road can! Either way we hope you all come out and support us again this year and have some fun!!! Cost of the show this year is $25 instead of $35!!!
You guys will have room for people who are trailering down right?
theres a huge lot in the back of the showfield where trailers usually can park
Thanks john
Yea there is plenty of room for trailers back by where we put spectators
I will only be a spectator this... ****ing truck is still not running right....
how much is it for spectators?
I'll be there again. Always a great show. Look forward to it all year.
Show was great this year! Much bigger turnout than last year!
^your truck looked fantastic. Bed work looked as good in person as it does online
Thanks :tup:
^was nice meeting you as well John
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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