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Lost all keys Cheapest solution?

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I lost all my keys for truck. I tried going to dealer for new key to be cut it didn't work as I think someone previously replaced the ignition. I can get a new ignition with two keys for around 90 from the parts store which would work but I cannot get the old ignition out without a key to remove it. Is there a way I could remove the ignition without a key without damaging so I can maybe read the key code off it?
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Well I ordered new ignition cylinder for 50. I think I'll attempt to rekeye the door cylinders when it warms up a bit.
I ended up getting a ignition off amazon and forcing my old one into startposition to remove it with screwdriver and a couple picks to get it out took some meesung around but it eventually came out. Popped the new ignition in and it started right up. I think im going to go to the scrap yard for a couple door cylinders and see if I can get the proper pins to rekey mine to the igniton key. Should be cheaper that using my ama as im out of service calls until April or March sometime when it renews.
Ya my ignition new ignition key actually works for my doors too. It didn't work for the old ignition, but the doors fine. So now my one key works for all which is a relief.
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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