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Lost all keys Cheapest solution?

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I lost all my keys for truck. I tried going to dealer for new key to be cut it didn't work as I think someone previously replaced the ignition. I can get a new ignition with two keys for around 90 from the parts store which would work but I cannot get the old ignition out without a key to remove it. Is there a way I could remove the ignition without a key without damaging so I can maybe read the key code off it?
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Have you looked under the truck for a hide-a-key that somebody forgot about? I have had that happen twice, saved my butt!
Old door lock tumblers can be easy. I have about 15 old keys from GMT400's. Half of them will open either door on my Tahoe but only the right one will start it. SWMBO's son locked himself out of his truck once and had ignored my advice to use a Hide-a-Key. Same thing, I took my handful of old keys and opened the door on the third one.
Screw a locksmith, save those old keys, you never know when one might come in handy.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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