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Living in town has caught up with me

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Well, One of my neighbors has finally complained and the fine city of Princeton has given me a warning about all the stuff I have here at my residence. So I have a month to get it cleaned up. I know some of the stuff is spoken for. So, if I got it, and you want it.....Come get it:p
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#1. I call dibs on the light bar being that I am in law enforcement and lightbars are my thing.

#2 I will take the lemon

#3 What do you want for the bed w/caddi tails

#4 If other people want stuff of yours I can haul it to them on my trailer for $10

#5 I will have to see a pic of other stuff thats included in this "mess" before I make offers
My Shopping List -

1. Lemon
2. Filler Plates (depending where they are from)
3. caddy box
4. would love the lightbar for the garage but too rich for my blood
1 - 4 of 29 Posts
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