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Living in town has caught up with me

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Well, One of my neighbors has finally complained and the fine city of Princeton has given me a warning about all the stuff I have here at my residence. So I have a month to get it cleaned up. I know some of the stuff is spoken for. So, if I got it, and you want it.....Come get it:p
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What would be alot better is to salt some areas of their lawn or use the weed killer that makes sure no plants can grow, then call their ass into the city once their laws looks like shit

This thread needs pics of what ppl called about
This is in Minnesota, you won't see anything but snow until mid april.
Still got that nitrous bottle & bottle holder? :D
Jake....I do, I totally forgot about that
Dre0227 said:
DO IT!!!!!
Soooo, do you wanna sell it? :D
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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