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Little Help - Not a S10

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Sorry guys but this isn’t even a Chevy or anything cool.

I’m working on my girlfriends 08 VW Rabbit. It has a misfire code and a evap system code. When I drove it, it had a bad misfire and for some reason it would have trouble starting after pumping gas.

Im not a VW guy but I have a theory. Maybe the evap system leak is causing the injector to not pump fuel at the correct PSI. I don’t know!?! Maybe…..

I figured a can of Berrymans B12 might fix the misfire. I was gonna grab a set of plugs too because it’ll be cheap reassurance. The guy at the parts store told me the vehicle runs double platinum. This isn’t true right? I can just put in regular plugs? Also, are Bosch the OEM plugs for this or is there another brand you guys might suggest? I was just gonna get the ones below.
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I’m not sure how to track down the leak. Sniff around! Lol.

I’ll post a photo of the printout from the parts store when I get a chance so you guys can check it out.

Thanks for the help in advance everyone,
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The most common cause of an evap code is a loose or defective gas cap. This short video is a good tutorial for who ever is interested, not VW specific but I believe they’re all pretty much the same.

As for the mis-fire, depending on the code you may need a reader that reads VW specific codes. Not all of ‘em do.

+1 on visiting VWVortex.
The best advice I can give on the plugs is to go to the VW sites and see what is recommended most often.

I ran Bosch Platinum in my ‘87 Chrysler 2.2L Turbo engine with good results. For whatever reason, that engine didn’t like the Nippondenso plugs AT ALL.

Iridium plugs are supposed to last even longer than the Platinum plugs. Technology has advanced some since 2008. I wouldn’t go with the cheapest option, you generally get what you pay for and you’ll want it to stay fixed.

ECSTuning sells high quality parts for European cars, here’s an example,
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Misfires are a real PITA. Get a top quality part that you won’t question later if the problem reappears (voice of experience…)

Happy Thanksgiving!
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The pictures for the RockAuto gas cap are definitely the wrong one for your gf’s VW.

Just went through this same thing with my son-in-law’s Grand Prix. Catalog said one thing, we needed the other.

The RockAuto picture shows a gas cap with threads. The one off your gf’s VW has the dimples for a 1/4 turn (or so) to latch.

I’d take the gas cap to your local auto parts store and match it against the one they take off their shelf.
Oh yes, Bosch is also an OEM supplier to VW and Audi IIRC. You won’t go wrong with those coils!

Bosch also was the OEM of a lot of the parts on my ‘87 Chrysler Turbo 1 (no intercooler). I’ve never had trouble with their parts.

Just avoid “Made in China” and all will be good! Chinese machine work and assembly is as good as anybody’s, the problem is the inferior materials. Electrical contacts burn out, axle shafts can be soft metal, I’ve got a lot of war stories.
The center electrode on that #5 plug is badly worn (rounded off), not surprising that it was misfiring. Just out of curiosity, how wide is the gap?
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