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Little Help - Not a S10

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Sorry guys but this isn’t even a Chevy or anything cool.

I’m working on my girlfriends 08 VW Rabbit. It has a misfire code and a evap system code. When I drove it, it had a bad misfire and for some reason it would have trouble starting after pumping gas.

Im not a VW guy but I have a theory. Maybe the evap system leak is causing the injector to not pump fuel at the correct PSI. I don’t know!?! Maybe…..

I figured a can of Berrymans B12 might fix the misfire. I was gonna grab a set of plugs too because it’ll be cheap reassurance. The guy at the parts store told me the vehicle runs double platinum. This isn’t true right? I can just put in regular plugs? Also, are Bosch the OEM plugs for this or is there another brand you guys might suggest? I was just gonna get the ones below.
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I’m not sure how to track down the leak. Sniff around! Lol.

I’ll post a photo of the printout from the parts store when I get a chance so you guys can check it out.

Thanks for the help in advance everyone,
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@gwarren007 @Dan_in_WA here you guys go.
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I’m gonna get some spark plugs from RockAuto. Do I need to run double platinum and what brand should I use? I’m gonna grab a gas cap too

Thanks and happy Thanksgiving,
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So here’s what I went with @aitch @Dan_in_WA
I’m going with Rockauto because it’s a little cheaper and with the holidays here money is a little tight. I did match all the parts off FCP Euro tho. Also, I don’t know why but I trust Bosch brand for some reason. Lol
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I haven’t placed the order yet because I’m trying to figure out what gas cap to get. None of the ones on Rockauto match the one on the car. Does it make a difference? Check out the one on the car.
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Here’s one on Rockauto and they all look the same.
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My guess is it’ll make the check engine light come on?!?

Thanks for all the help guys,
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Yesterday I got the plugs and coil pack in. Started up great and the check engine light turned off. The car hasn’t been drive much but hopefully it doesn’t turn back in for the evap code. Here’s what the spark plugs looked like.
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There was oil on plugs 2 and 3 so that sucked but what’s a guy gonna do. The car only has 130k miles on it. The plugs were kind of hard to get out because the guy before me didn’t use antiseize.

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Here’s #5 with the misfire. Looks a little lean. I have some cans of Berrymans coming so I’ll drop one more in and hopefully it helps.

So here’s something interesting and it HC this problem before the plug/coil pack change. For some reason when you put gas in it, EVERY TIME, it doesn’t want to start. I have to crank it for a few seconds and give it gas. It’ll run a little rough for a few seconds and then smooth out. Maybe it has to do with the evap code that went away after the new parts. I pumped some gas in it last night after the new parts and it did the same thing. My guess is air gets in the fuel system when you open the gas cap to pump gas. When you go to start it pressure needs to build up for it to run right. Just a guess……more like swinging for the fence. Lol

Thanks for all the help guys,
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@aitch I didn’t. I found one that I’m gonna order but haven’t pulled the trigger. Since there’s no check engine light I’m wondering if I even need to replace it.
The gap on the plugs is .044 but I didn’t think of measuring them when I pulled out the old ones. The bummer is I just threw them away last night. I do see that tho.
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Lol…..I wish I would have checked!!!
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