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sure you can have the pipes exit before the tires. there are several ways to hang the pipes there. hello..a big ol frame..that's something to hang the pipes from. and the frame will only hang too low if it is lowered a great deal. and as far as shops go.....sometimes you just have to find someone willing to do it. it's not always whether it is possible or not, sometimes they just don't want to do it, or more..don't know how to do it. when i had my exhaust done, i went to a regional, if not national muffler place and they said it wasn't possible to run two pipes on my 2 door s-10 blazer. more than that, he said it wasn't possible to run dual pipes on any s-10 vehcile. i think we all know that not to be the case. when i got to the place i had mine done at, the guy just laughed, and then did a kickass job on my setup. depending on where you are in the country, you may or may not have some problems with the law about side exiting exhaust on a blazer. it's not legal in many areas. this is due to the carbon monoxide issue. on vehicles with cabs (SUVs), the exhaust has to be run to at least past the rear axle. also, you are looking at an increased amount of noise by exiting before the rear wheels. the inside of my blazer is loud as hell as it is. regardless, i for one would love to have side exiting exhaust.
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