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work in progress

1990 grand wagoneer dana 44 axles
1973 IH 205 divorced transfercase flipped for drivers side drop
1993 s10 4x4 extended cab frame
1985 s10 4x4 blazer rear frame stub grafted into ext cab frame
1986 s10 4x4 short bed outer frame rails for frame boxing
2002 cadillac deville left rear brake caliper for "e" brake
1996 lexuxs es300 rear brake rotor for "e" brake
2006 nv4500 gm 2wd commercial version
1990 5.7l chevy engine
1988 gmc 2 door jimmy body for building cab
1986 s10 std cab back and floor for crew cab
1988 s10 std cab for door jams and floor replacement and repairs
1958 impala door hinges for back suicide doors
1990 s10 blazer dash and front floor hump
1993,1986,1988 short bed parts to make one mini bed
6 doors , 2 ea to make back doors
1992 s10 blazer floor to raise tunnel for tall nv4500
and the list goes on and on......


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Maybe you can fix it like an off-roader, rather than playing with sheetmetal cut the rust out and get some thick plate and angle iron and weld it as 'armour'

Use something like panel bond in any place where the thick plate meets the thin sheet metal to seal out moisture rather than trying to weld the 2 thicknesses together.

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The plan is to ditch the blazer body and swap a reg cab on and build a truggy. I know as soon as I fixed this body I'll drag it along a tree or rock.

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I made this in a dirt parking lot by myself (except for the shock mounts).


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