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Left turn signal marker on gauge stays on

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So the left turn signal stays on when the headlights are on, and the left turn signal does not continue to blink when the turn signal to turn left is on. When the drls are off…. The left turn signal blinks but it also lights up a little bit of light on the right side marker, as well as dims and brightens gauges, ac, and radio light….
Any help would be appreciated!

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First thing to do is fix the broken bulb. Then switch back to incandescent bulbs and be sure they all light up and work when they're supposed to. Then you can tackle LED's. You'll either need a load resistor for each LED or an electronic flasher. Also be aware that an LED is a Light Emitting Diode. Diodes only allow current to flow in one direction. If they're installed backwards they won't work right, if they work at all.
When you have all original bulbs in if the lights aren't working correctly S10's are famous for bad grounds on exterior lights. There is one on each coner.
2002 s10 long bed, single cab, with the 4.3
Rare truck. In fact it is so rare GM doesn't even know they made a long bed in 2002.
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1994-1999 offered a long bed which measured 89" long at the floor (+16") on all regular cabs.
2000-2001 offered the long bed on 2wd trucks only.
2002-03 NA
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