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Leak into cab from driver / 3rd door.

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Hey all,

So I'm getting a leak into the cab near the third door.
I replaced the very top weather strip near the roof and the drivers door weather strip on the body side but I still get a leak.
Is there a piece missing on the top of the third door itself?
Or is that top / roof body weather strip too short or could this be something else?
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Thanks, yep it definitely leaks.
I'm wondering if that top weather stripping is not long enough and that's what's causing it. because pretty much everything is new on this weather stripping or at least half of it is.
I've heard that about the door sagging how can you tell? Just eye balling when the doors closed?
My driver door needs new hinge pins it has a squeek that will not stay lubricated.
Yes it was leaking prior to the replacement.
The upper seal in red was replaced and the entire seal around the door was replaced in red.
If it is sagging can it be fixed? theres no noticable gaps when its closed, how to realign it if possible?
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Thanks aitch.
Yup I had the dormans on hand and i have not put them in. How much were the factory hinge pins and bushings?
These were like $2
I see that about the seal around the door but looking more closely the driver door is not closing tightly against the weatherstrip as the 3rd door is closing tightly its actually the third door weather strip that runs vertical to the roof that has been so hardened it has a indented hole so that must be the culprit.
We'll see after this part comes in from LMC truck its the third door to passenger door vertical about 2.5' strip.
howd you go about replacing your pins and bushings'?
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Ok thanks aitch for that.
Hole and sagging.
See after new strip comes and try to adjust top seal.
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Here's an instruction video for anyone with same problem.

This will be a one man job ( can't get help ) would be easier with a second set of hands.

Can I just do 1 pin at time ?
That way it doesn't fall off?
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