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Layd Out at the Park 2014!!!!

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Pre Registration is OPEN and the first 100 will get a FREE LIMITED EDITION SHIRT Celebrating 10 years of Layd Out!
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I'm ready for it. I hate winter. I was a first timer this year. Put 1,200 miles on my truck for it.
Pre Register now the first 100 get a FREE 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHIRT www.laydoutatthepark.net
I've been a few times, it's always fun. I'd like to go again, and possibly re-debut the 'noma one year :evilg:
I had to miss it last year, I hope I can go this time around!
pretty sure that's where I first met you out too
Possible or maybe it was at the "big show" circa 08 or 09 at Rockingham. I really miss going to Rockingham dragway for shows.
6 days away ! whos going?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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