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Hey guys newbie on the board I drive 99 GMC Jimmy SLE 2wd and I'm buying the two inch lift kit from rough country and Intend to flip the ball joints on my upper control arms as the internet has so nicely given me so far. Any other mechanical tips on how to accomplish this task with the best long term results would be awesome. Long till my prerunner dreams can be chased so my dilemma currently is that there isn't a stock height steering knuckle for this model (discontinued) or a lifted one that falls within the perimeters of the 3 bolt pattern to attach the hub assembly to, and works with the other connection points for the steering and ball joints except..... belltech drop spindles. Since the direction I'm going for is up that doesn't work for me. So can I flip the drop spindles upside down swap them side to side extend my tie rod ends for the height difference as well as the stabilizer end links and coincidentally get lift and an operational steering knuckles? It's a lot and I'm still researching but since OEM is slowly discontinued more and more for my model I need ways to accomplish these ideas to keep my ride Rollin. Don't have money for a better mechanic to take his chances messing up my ride so I'll be messing up my it on my own. So please help me don't berate me. And I hope someone has some advice. Islanddragon91 out!
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