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355 says, Ford SV What????
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Here we go. The first video is of a nice little burnout. This is just stomping it from idle, no torquing it up or anything. Special bonus for the fellas here.


This video is me and the S-10 playing with a Viper. We didn't get to race, but man, seeing a little S-10 get a VIPER owner's attention sure was fun


The last is the S-10 running my brothers modified Dakota R/T. 3 Races. The first is a run from about 55 to ???? the S-10 prevails. The next is the same thing, but with a little intruder I didn't realize had ever even went by until we stopped for gas, again the S-10 prevailed (this thing is AMAZING at highway speeds!!!!!!!) And the last run is from a stoplight to about 60. the R/T takes me barely thanks to it's MUCH lower gearing, wider tires, and the factory posi unit (the S-10 has limited slip, but it only works every now and then).


I know the videos from the road aren't the greatest, but they should provide some good entertainment.

Enjoy, Brian

PS: This little rocket is for sale
Less than 1 day left at auction:
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