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Hi I am new to the forum, and I just wanted to say hi. I have a 94 Sonoma that I have just begun to work on. I just finished a Belltech 2/3 drop with spindles and blocks. The results were worth the effort but the total install time was pretty close to 10 hours. I also removed the SL badges from the (B pillar) ?? after reading about it here. GM factory roll pan is in the works and will be going into primer tomorrow. I've got lots more planned and I am always looking for some friendly advice.

PisOnCavalier said:
whore, i mean Zygote (no phat96 i'm really not talking to you) this is two pnt two's thread, you can't post pics in this, unless he says you can! HAAAHAHA, j/k!
I was going to say! damn what I do.
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