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I have a 99 S-10 with a 9.5" lift on 33s right now and I was thinking on which set of a headers to go with....I like the JBAs b/c they are jet coated. What other set are out there for my truck? Also I would like to get the MSD ignition kit for my truck I was thinking of getting the 6T for my truck. Does anyone have any experience with that MSD kit? I heard it's the 6A but for offroading. Not sure if that's true or not. Where can I get the MSD for a good price? Soon I will be getting my rear end regeared to 4.56 posi. Is that a good gear ratio to go with?

Right now what I have done to my truck is custom intake, hacked up air box, TB mod, MAF gutted, and Flowmaster 40series. What else should I get for my truck for a reasonable price?

Just a note, my truck cannot go anymore than 90mph. Because of the height, it won't allow me to go any faster without it vibrating on me.

Any help or suggestions will be nice.

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